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I'm a former award-winning, top-level agency executive and 10+ year social media strategist passionate about shaping influencer marketing toward better collaboration, deeper impact and greater social responsibility. I have had the opportunity to design campaigns for some my DREAM consumer clients, such as ESPN, OREO, Nickelodeon, Southwest Airlines, Macy's, Gilden Apparel, Sour Patch Kids, but also smaller start-ups and mission-driven brands. 

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We are all creators - online and offline. We are a generation who has the resources, freedom and support to forge new pathways and create differently. This podcast is dedicated to creators of all scales, sizes and backgrounds and the impact they make through what they create. Through solo chats, knowledge sharing, advice and interviews The Era of Creation seeks to inspire and shift your perspective of what you can create with your life that has impact to those you share your world with. Welcome to the Era of Creation

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