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Hi my name is Stephanie Stabulis - and I have lost over 100lbs. "Wait, why is that relevant to the opening line of your statement about social media?" , you ask. I attribute much of my success to losing that weight to the impact of social media networking, influencer-creators and brand content. I learned nutrition and exercise through a mixture of online influencers and kick-ass wellness brands I had the pleasure of being part of in my earlier career. 


I believe in brands. A brand was once an idea that had impact to as small as one person, and grew because a product or service had the potential to impact many. Brands and what they create have value and purpose. 

I believe in creation. I believe in the conscious development of "things" - of art, of identity, of engineering and designing solutions, products, communities, resources, education, entertainment, knowledge and it's expression through media sources like social media, events, television, books - the list goes on. I respect the act of creation, by "online influencers" and content creators. I respect community built around that creation. 

I believe in brands that create, creators that express, and the beautiful relationship of collaboration between brands and creators. You see... I look at brands and creators coming together to do GOOD things, like share resources, play, solve people's problems, get personal, ideate and innovate and all in all BE HUMAN.  

Yet, I find between automation of marketing and the monetization of creation - the human element, just gets lost sometimes. Brands forget about being human and the emotions and experiences that drive brand purchases and loyalty. Creators forget about their passion and purpose - and the magic that can be created through partnership never lives up to it's potential. 



As the legacy I will leave through my career, I want to help shape the next generation of digital advertising and marketing in a way that merges new technologies with human creativity, impact and purposeAs brands get more personalized with their marketing, I want to enhance brand experiences through a near obsession with the consumer and incredible focus around value. I want to help mend "influencer marketing" to become more powerfully focused on co-creation, collaboration and humanization - and help bridge gaps so campaigns and programs can be way more mutually beneficial and valuable. 

I designed Social Creates Impact as my mission, my voice and the legacy I want to leave through my life's work. Social Creates Impact will help to innovate and educate creators and brands in parallel, from a position of 7+ influencer marketing industry experience, to "create" for more impact within their online communities.

I created The Era of Creation podcast as an ode to all "creators" - people, influencers, businesses and brands of all shapes and sizes to discuss the various ways human creation leads creates impact.

FALL 2016 - 2020

Vice President & Senior Strategy Director at HireInfluence. I designed award-winning interactive campaigns with high end-value to the consumer - uniting top brands and influencers through digital experiences that engage while meeting the needs of brands, audiences, influencers and yes - even the consumers. Clients included start-ups through Fortune 500 companies including Southwest Airlines, OREO, Eataly, Viacom-CBS, Gilden Apparel, Sour Patch Kids, Macy's, ESPN and adidas. 

The vision at HireInfluence was to re-humanize brands to help them connect and be more interactive with their core audiences using real "influence" and actual creators - making powerful statements that influencer marketing was more than just an "#ad". 

SPRING 2015 - 2019

Founded Blend Social Marketing, a consulting firm and content hub that focused on integrated marketing and branding services, specifically for start-ups in health and wellness. Blend continued my love for bringing health and wellness to consumers through new brands, capitalizing on my drive to show the incredible impact that these brands can have in helping change the lives of their consumers. I also took part in alumni relations with my alma matter Rutgers University, speaking in career panels about the rise of entrepreneurship. 

FALL 2011 - FALL 2016

Entered my career as a PR and Marketing Specialist with Percepture and designed (from scratch!) our client's first influencer marketing programs as an offshoot of our PR strategies. The programs were implemented cross-agency and helped our brands add millions of digital impressions and grow our social audiences. Clients included start-up and mid-size companies in health and wellness, B2B and travel.

FALL 2009 - FALL 2011

Created my own internships everywhere I went. Leveraged my teenaged years as a LiveJournal blogger, website creator and mediocre graphic artist to assist traditional brands in education and hospitality with their first forays into the digital arena. 

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