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Loyal, purpose-filled dreamer and leader motivated by impact, legacy and people- focused values. Filled with desire to be a part of something that matters and makes a difference to our world and the people in it. High-achieving growth-seeker with critical mix of both hard and soft skills. Obsessed with constant learning, ideating and out-of- the-box thinking. Creates something new and valuable wherever she goes. Transplant from the East Coast. Loves reading, art, music, cooking, photography and the ocean. 

other things I create

ART, through photography, editing and minor "creative play". I throughly enjoy visual design

projects, including this website and podcast 

TRANQUILITY, through time spent at the beach. The ocean has a calming effect on me. I also enjoy local coffee shop hopping or activities that involve being slow and present. 

KNOWLEDGE, through reading and socializing. I enjoy personal development, business and spirituality. Some favorites include "Principles" by Ray Dialo, "The Universe Has Your Back" by Gabrielle Bernstein, "A Whole New Mind" and "Drive" both by Daniel Pink.  I also throughly enjoy much of the content from The Harvard Business Review. 

PERSPECTIVE, by learning and reflecting. 

LEGACY, through impactful work in marketing for the companies and clients I have had the honor of working with. I love feeling so connected to what I do and it's bigger influence on the world we live in. 

APPRECIATION, through hiking and being outdoors. I love exploring and the beauty of nature. I always try to capture beauty while I hike.

CULTURE, through travel and exploration. 

STRENGTH, through the way I care for my health body. I enjoy working out, and being active. At the moment I enjoy a balanced regimen of cardio, resistance and power yoga. 

SUSTAINABILITY, through dietary choices like plant-based meals and eco-friendly actions. 

UNDERSTANDING, through study and discussion. The podcast has been a passion of mine because I love talking with people. I also love psychology and trying to understand human behavior.  

COMMUNITY, through networking, meeting people and establishing relationships rooted in sincerity and kindness. 

EMPOWERMENT, through vulnerability, knowledge sharing and content creation. 







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