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Book a paid 1-on-1 hour of my time.

Need a coach or mentor? Have specific questions from time to time? You can book a consult slot with me and ask me ANYTHING! 

Our current advanced clients are using this as a tool to go deep into a particular topic not currently covered in our digital workshops. 


All slots are a minimum of 30mins, max of 60mins and facilitated through ZOOM.


First time? Use code FIRSTCONSULTFREE at checkout for a FREE consult (single use only). 


Q: What is the purpose of the consult? 


I have been asked numerous times to help with very specific tasks or asks in a mentorship or coaching capacity. The consult gives you the opportunity to guide the conversation and tap into my expertise for very specific purposes. In the past, I have used this to help guide marketing strategy, help freelancers set up their business, help with specific questions you have about a project that fits my areas of expertise and more. 

Q: What is your payment, refund & cancellation policy?


I require a full deposit to book a consult. I will make a minimum of 2 attempts to reschedule a consult prior to issuing a full refund. Your money will be 100% refunded in the event that any consult does not happen. No refunds will be issued for any reason post-consult. Exceptions are up to my personal discretion and may be made in good faith. 

Q: What do I need for the consult? 


It is recommended that before booking, you send a set of objectives that you would like to review and any materials I may need to reference to offer you the most help (website, socials, scope of work, assignment, etc.) Objectives help to assure that you get the most out of your time and that I can provide actionable insights. 

Q: I'm not sure what I want to cover in consult, can you give me some ideas? 


If you are unsure about the best use of your consult, please email me beforehand at I will be happy to send along some materials that can help you craft your session better. 

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