Make the Shift, Vol 1

Make the Shift, Vol 1


The first in what will be an ongoing series of digital workshops that are designed to keep you up to date on what's trending, what's changing and most importantly what to do about it. This 2-hour, 45-page workshop covers what is trending in and around Summer / Q2 of 2020 in the influencer marketing industry and provides REAL solutions to implement for your brand. This edition covers: 

  • Value, Payment & Ethics

  • Timing, Tone Deafness & Social Impact

  • Tik Tok

  • Diversity

  • Loop Giveaways

  • Measurement

This Is a great resource for ALL size brands, agencies, talent managers and in-house teams.

MAKE THE SHIFT is available (for free) with any brand consulting or training package, but also available as a stand alone resource. 



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