Consumer's viewpoints of influencers are shifting. What used to work for so many years - a good matched influencer, a little bit of context, and hit 'em with a promo! - just simply doesn't work anymore. Consumers are blocking it out. Influencers are losing their power. Do we sit and wait for there to be a day when my industry implodes on itself? Absolutely not. We think differently.


I had just finished watching the most hysterical YouTube video of an influencer who FAKED BEING AT COACHELLA when she never left LA. I was laughing so hard my belly hurt. And then it hit me - I am laughing at something that is poking holes in MY INDUSTRY. What would happen if the consumers started viewing influencers negatively? Why is this a joke?! I felt a little guilt. I felt a little like - woah, do I get out now? What is going to happen when this starts to be norm that we are making FUN of influencers? 

It already was norm. Influencers had already taken on a life of their own and it required that we, as an agency and business at the time, take a step back and pivot direction. "Influencer" had taken on a life of its own - and those who came to call themselves "influencers" rarely were. We started digging through data - starting with top engagement influencers and working our way down to lower engagement. We picked apart media kits with conversion data to understand who was actually EFFECTIVE for the brands they worked with with - and we went searching to figure out why. 

We needed to go back to the actual reasons why any consumer would follow an influencer and it has nothing to do with learning about new products and everything to do with being inspired, educated, emotional connection and ideation. Consumers "get" something from influencers - so if we wanted to create campaigns that continued to be effective, while putting the term "influencer" into the definition it belonged, we had to continue to create campaigns in which brand and influencers were creating some kind of value that the end consumer wanted to see. Campaign creative had to be at the intersection of what influencers needed, what brands needed and what consumers want from their relationship with influencers.

In 2019 HireInfluence was awarded an Inflow Award for "Best Influencer Marketing Agency" on behalf of three experience-driven creative campaigns that focused on campaigns that utilized principles of duplicatable experience, storytelling, branded experiences and interactive elements for campaigns with GoldToe, Sour Patch and Southwest Airlines. Each campaign recorded above average impressions for spend-levels while achieving competitive Cost-Per-Engagements of less than 0.10 on campaign content. 

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