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This digital workshop was designed to help elevate digital creators and influencers. “Influencing” is typically the byproduct of passion, community, interaction and value - but once you have it, what do you do with it? How do you understand something that may have come so naturally to you in order to get better at it? How can you offer MORE value to your audience through brand resources? Using my 7+ years experience working with start-ups through major brands and creators, I developed this workshop to help creators grow, monetize and evolve to make more impact through social media. I feel strongly that knowing how to create better partnerships with brands will help strengthen opportunities available to individuals as well as the collective. Better partnerships help further the impact that we are looking to make through “real” influence. 

The workshop is a five module, 8-hour "go at your own pace" workshop designed to help creators step into a role of creator/influencer more prominently. The course lays a foundation by connecting the role of the creator to their greater audience, helps to establish and collect key selling points of value, and teaches creators some of the best ways to approach brands and partnerships.

Foundations / Portfolio + Media Kit / Pitching Brands

 Working with Brands / Growing As an Influencer

This is a great option for a creator who has established an audience but needs assistance in understanding value-centric content, understanding their analytics, approaching and working with brands. 

The course comes one free :30 min personal Zoon session with me to talk about applying the knowledge or any specific questions. Ready to download the free preview

01: Foundations of Influence

About the Workshop / What to Expect / What is an influencer? / Size & Scale of Influence / Hot Buzz Words / Common Influencer Prototypes / Pathway to Influence (TM) / Creator Accounts / Reflecting on Authenticity, Believability, Credibility & Consistency (Worksheet) / Strategy Basics to Get Started

02: Media Kit & Metrics

Media Kit Visual Designs & Resources / Components of a Media Kit / Collecting Key Metrics (Breakdown by Platform) / Metric Collection with Performance Benchmarks (Worksheet) / Active Collection & Testing / Hard Data & Suggestive Brand Value / Media Kit Checklist / Improving Media Kit Metrics

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03: Pitching Brands

Brand Partnership Audit / Ambassador vs. Affiliate vs. Influencer Relationships / Balancing Value in Partnership / Pricing: BVPP, Base Rates and Real Rates (Worksheet) / Brand Created Values in Pricing / Proactive Pitching: Who to Pitch, How to Pitch & What to Say / Getting Offers Reactively (Sites, Platforms & Methods)

04: Working With Brands

The Brand Creator Relationship / 3 Types of Compliance / Ad Space vs. Advertiser / Elements of a Contract (Checklist) / Most Common Contract Issues /  How to Develop Great Partnership Content / Inclusive vs. Exclusive Content / Measuring Campaign Success / Performance Feedback Loops / Campaign Checklist 

05: Growing as an Influencer

Ongoing Partnerships / Expanding Platforms (Pros + Cons, Strategy) / Do Aesthetics Matter? / Intentional Content Strategy / Self Promotion Techniques: Hashtags, Advertising, Engaging, Collaboration, Cross Promotion, Giveaways / Branding / Creating a Business / How to Rock Being an Influencer (Master Checklist)

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