SaladPower was a long-time personal client of Blend Social Marketing. I was brought on as a marketing consultant with expertise in health and wellness and grassroots programming. After successfully being named the #1 juice brand on Amazon, I was brought on to develop a go-to-market campaign for a newer product that engaged existing fans, influencers, ambassadors - while helping to migrate social media presence to more owned assets like web and email lists.


Long-time consulting client SaladPower wanted to launch a product line with a bang - it was my responsibility to come up with the launch plan that would also jumpstart the expansion of SaladPower's marketing efforts away from sole reliance on influencer and ambassador networks. SaladPower wanted to use the new product launch to begin a full-funnel marketing approach under the theme #VEGGIESFIRST. 

We mapped out the buyer's journey down the campaign funnel - it was designed to use ambassador and influencer relationships (paid and barter) to show on-screen sampling and create awareness for the new product. As an "impact driven" strategy, the content and ask were designed around utilizing influence to share more "hidden" ways to get vegetables in and contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle for resolution season. The CTA involved a landing page in which audiences could drop their email for a chance to win a free-case and receive exclusive access to a pre-sale where product was only available to email subscribers [consideration / intent]. 

The brand has been known for going out of stock frequently - so we flipped this story to use the scarcity and popularity among influencers to drive quick purchases. No discounting was given to establish Salad Power as a premium brand. 

The client also had dreams of expanding the types of faces associated with the brand - so our influencer strategy was a mix of high-conversion influencers from past data and customer profiling based on Google Analytics data. Most of our paid budget was put toward high-conversion opportunities while some of our budget (a smaller piece) was delegated for growth and expansion. 

Additional elements of the go-to marketing campaign strategy included email communication design, owned asset social media teaser campaigns, website flow optimization, landing page optimization, content and timing strategy tied to resolution season, back-end automations, and more. 

Note: Unfortunately I am not able to show results for this campaign as manufacturing difficulties never allowed the launch to come to fruition. I include this project in my portfolio because the campaign planning was strategic, driven by data and consumer insights and played more in "Digital Marketing" territories. I've spend the last 3 years designing influencer, but my knowledge of how the pieces fit together with overall campaigns, programs and go-to-market or product marketing strategies is the bigger piece of how I design marketing that is more impactful, customer-centric and human. And because I've vowed transparency as a core value! 

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