professional short bio / intro

Stephanie Stabulis is a veteran marketer and storyteller with a knack for understanding the psychology of brand and consumer.  She is a former VP-level executive strategist who has designed award-winning creative influencer marketing campaign and programs for start-ups through Fortune 500 companies. As the legacy she is working on leaving through her career, Stephanie's mission is to shape the next generation of digital advertising and marketing in a way that merges new technologies with human creativity, emotion, impact and purpose. She launched Social Creates Impact in 2019 to help bring innovation and education to influencer-creators and brands and provide solutions to some of the biggest issues plaguing the influencer marketing industry. She currently consults with creators, platforms, agencies and in-house teams to design more impactful campaigns, keep up to date on industry intel and excel with better creative collaborations. 

  • Award-Winning Campaign Designer (3 Campaigns, Agency of the Year, HireInfluence, 2019)

  • Former VP-level Executive at HireInfluence

  • Advocates for challenging brands to collaborate and create with influencer-creators

  • Over 7+ years in the influencer marketing space

  • Designed and executed influencer industry studies

  • People-centered team leader focusing on relationship building

  • Successful consultative seller 

  • Founded 2 successful freelancing businesses

  • Innovated new strategies and service offerings for former agencies in the social and digital media space including the launch of the agency's first service offerings

  • Launched 5 brands from idea to market through compelling brand design, storytelling, messaging, and marketing

featured in..
  • Forbes, Elite Daily (2018); "Colors of Travel" Influencer Study & Partnership with Pantone Color Institute

  • Business of Apps (2018-2020); Influencer Marketing Trends (Yearly Round Up)

  • Earned Media Rising (2018); CGI Influencers

  • KTHR Radio (2019); Earning Potential of Influencer-Creators

  • Association of National Advertisers (2019); Influencer Marketing Metrics

  • Digiday (2019); Influencer Marketing Measurement

  • Business Insider (2019); Being more than a #ad

  • Forbes, Entrepreneur (2020); Monetization Opportunities for NCAA Athletes / NIL Regulations

  • FemFounder (2020); Bio Piece of

  • Influencer Marketing Conference & Expo (2020); Panelist

  • National Influencer Day Opening Address (2020; Keynote with Perlu

  • The Influencer Marketing Summit : Matchmaking Influencers & Brands (2021); Panelist