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Marketers Bullish On Monetization Opportunities For NCAA Athletes With NIL Rights

FORBES (2019)

Should athletes be allowed to monetize their following? We think so. HireInfluence worked with Kristi Dosh on uncovering the many benefits of new NCAA rulings for athletes.

Influencer Marketing Trends 2020


HireInfluence made waves asking brands to be "more than just a #ad". Find out what that means for 2020 trends!

How Student Athletes Can Prepare to Become Entrepreneurs


With new laws in the NCAA opening endorsement opps for student athletes, HireInfluence weighed with advice for gaining "leverageable influence" through social media.

Laws ensure professional child performers are safe, educated and not working too many hours. But they don't extend to stars of popular YouTube channels.

NBC NEWS (2019)

HireInfluence weighed into an expert panel helping audiences to understand the money incentives within influencer marketing.

Visiting Carlsbad, CA Will Be The Colorful Trip Your Instagram Needs


Elite Daily explored a 2018 HireInfluence + Pantone study that noted top engaging colors for travel and where to find them in SoCal.

Social machines – should brands work with CGI influencers?


An interesting topic, Cision powered Earned Media Rising chatted with the team at HireInfluence on our thoughts about "CGI created" influence.

The ROI of Influencer Marketing

ANA (2019)

What's the best way to measure the success of influencer marketing? HireInfluence weight in with the Association of National Advertisers.

Marketers struggle with influencer marketing measurement

DIGIDAY (2019)

HireInfluence took part in an expert panel to dig into massive changes in influencer marketing measurement.

HireInfluence Challenges Brands to Be More Than Just Another #Ad


HireInfluence set the precedent for challenging brands to look at influencer marketing with a fresh perspective. Delve into industry-rocking reasons why.

This Southern California Beach Town Is Bringing Color Trends To Life

FORBES (2018)

In 2018 HireInfluence co-piloted a study of the trending colors in travel. Pantone named them - and both media and influencers sought out to DISCOVER them.

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