the era of creation

We are all creators - online and offline. We are a generation who has the resources, freedom and support to forge new pathways and create differently. We create our lives with every small decision we make. This podcast is dedicated to creators of all scales, sizes and backgrounds and the impact they make through what they create. Through solo chats, knowledge sharing, advice and interviews The Era of Creation will inspire and shift your perspective of what you can create with your life that has impact to those you share your world with.


We will be featuring guests that have created - whether it be a business, a hobby, a lifestyle - really, the sky is the limit. We will talk about ways people get inspired, and some of the challenges they face while creating - and how they overcome those challenges. Creation will not be limited! We will talk about people who create physical things - as well as people who forge new possibilities of living by making decisions that create new pathways. 


You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify  iTunes and Google Play Music. Search "The Era of Creation".