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In episode 3 of The Era of Creation podcast, I dive into a "Life Edit", a step back from an array of categories in my life, assessing where I am and where I want to be. It resets goals in all life categories. The following notes coincide with the episode and are available as a resource for your own personal use. The episode can be found on SoundCloud, iTunes or Spotify.

Credit: This "Life Edit" was inspired by the beautiful Krista Williams of the Almost30 podcast. Her life edit can be found here. I am drawn to Krista's reflective nature as it most closely reminds me of my own, and I knew when she shared her version of the life edit, I would want to create my own. Some categories may differ - a life edit is customized and personal to each human individually and thus whatever you create will be your own as well.




  • Unenroll from spam email (, all accounts

  • Turn off social media emails to reduce notifications IG, FB, LINKEDIN

  • Clean Password List, update and log passwords appropriately for all apps and accounts

  • Delete old Facebook account or any unused social media accounts

  • Unfollow accounts on IG / Clean Up Following List

  • Hide or snooze FB people which I do not align with

  • Clean podcast subscribes, unfollow what I no longer list to

  • Clean / consolidate iTunes/spotify playlists - remove at least 1 subscription

  • Clean subscriptions for TV and streaming services based on actual use


  • Declutter, deep clean and organize all spaces: Laundry, Pantry, Bathroom, Bedroom, Closets, Desk/Office, Kitchen/Fridge, Makeup, Travel, Car

  • Keep only what is extension of me and who I want to become (ask myself, does this reflect person I am becoming or want to become or is this something I am holding to from the past?) - clear old energy including expired products and food.

  • Consider donating anything that can be donated such as clothes, unexpired makeup, canned non perishables, etc.

  • Organize and hide storage to reduce clutter

  • Declutter and move computer files from desktop and random folders

  • Backup and clear cell phone: Images, Texts, Notepad, Voice Memos, Apps

  • Refresh backgrounds on computers, cell phones, etc. to bring in new energy

  • Car: Repairs, Clean out inside including trunk, Full Detail, Wash

  • Bags / Portable Storage: Clean out laptop bag, purse and gym bag of any unused or unneeded clutter


  • Identify Subscription Services, assess need

  • HONEST spend analysis 2019 - using Mint App

  • Re-create monthly budget

  • Identify categories of overspending and unneeded spending - cut back on materialistic spending and need vs. want. Assess the QUALITY of purchase as opposed to QUANTITY [ie. less investment in 'temporary' like fashion, 'gram props, accessories, home design, etc.]

  • Create Savings Goals

  • Section off IRA deposits from paycheck

  • 2019 Income Taxes

  • Re-route recurring payments/deposits to one consolidated account for better cashflow analysis

  • Close biz checking

  • Open secondary personal savings

  • Change and transfer Roth IRA to new institution

  • Work with MS to create liquidity and investment opportunities


  • Clean supplements and vitamins - rid of anything I no longer use and or is expired. Keep the routine minimal

  • Bed Time/ Rise Time more consistent (7am RISE, 10pm BED)

  • List out daily habits and time spent, what needs to change? What daily habits or time use is frequent but not useful or productive? What daily habits do I not create enough time for? Are there too many goals at this time and not enough time? What are the priorities of daily habits?

  • Health/Gym Routine, what needs to change? What routine do I feel my best most balanced self? What routine is most habitual? What are my short-term and long-term end goals and how does this need to be adjusted to meet those goals?

  • Weight/Body Image, where do I feel at my best self?

  • Social Media Usage, what is my screen time like and how does it impact my health, my productivity, my relationships, etc. ?


Relationships are lot of "internal self" work that is then projected outward. For this category, I assess a lot through journaling or answering the following prompts. Journaling (for me) has been best if I follow the format of 1. Honestly answering the question. 2. Sitting with my answer to determine what's causing the response. I try to recognize if it's an emotional reaction or if it's coming more from my core character and best self. 3. Write new truths. 4. Practice the truths until they are habitual and natural. It's not easy work.

  • Is there anyone In my life who needs to be less a part of it? More?

  • What efforts am I making to bring new relationships in?

  • Are my relationships aligned with who I am and who I want to be?

  • How am I relating in my closest relationships?

  • Is there a relationship I am missing?

  • What am I providing to my relationships?

  • What am I grateful/appreciate for? Am I showing it?

  • What boundaries do I need around my relationships?

  • What and how to I need to improve key relationships?


Presence is also a lot of "internal self" work that is then projected outward as it deals with how you show up in the world. For this category, I assess a lot through journaling or answering the following prompts. Journaling (for me) has been best if I follow the format of 1. Honestly answering the question. 2. Sitting with my answer to determine what's causing the response. I try to recognize if it's an emotional reaction or if it's coming more from my core character and best self. 3. Write new truths. 4. Practice the truths until they are habitual and natural. It's not easy work.

  • How have I grown?

  • Who am I becoming? Personally/emotionally, Professionally/ Life legacy

  • What do I stand for?

  • Does what I share reflect who I am?

  • Clean/clear and update external identities including interactions online and offline

  • What are my strengths?

  • What are my weaknesses?

  • What are my shadows?

  • What lights me up?

  • How am I doing that?

  • What fears am I still holding onto?


At the time I devised my version of this Life Edit, I had committed myself fully to an employer that was not myself. So much of this category was again, internal and required questions and reflections more than hard action. However, at the time of writing and producing this episode, I have amended this to also include more actionable edits for self brands, freelancers, consultants, and people with side hustles.

  • Who am I and how does my work relate to my legacy?

  • How do I brand myself as an entity? What is my purpose and how does that express itself?

  • Does who I am today reflect the business that I built and the hard business assets such as: name, logo, color scheme, mood, design, domain? If not, does my "brand" need an overhaul?

  • Brand Overhaul (my answer was yes) includes: design, mood, copy, color and visuals and "assets" [creations or channels in which you create] can include but are not limited to website, social media presence and profiles, resume, sales materials / portfolios, email signature - everything that "touches"another in a business capacity is an asset

  • Update and create a consistent self-entity across: LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook Business Page and other socials

  • What is myself as a brand and how does that relate to my positions held? How does this relate to the opportunities I want and future positions I may hold?

  • What is the mission and goal of each channel I own? [So for me, I own social channels, the podcast and website] Why do these exist and what is the purpose and experience of others on these channels? Am I meeting what I visualize for these channels?

  • Under what circumstances do I produce the best quality work and am I currently experiencing those conditions? Are they obtainable? How can I make them more obtainable?

  • How can my work be more organized?


  • Am I eating enough? 1 wk track of calories and macros and adjust in alignment with health and body image goals.

  • Am I eating the right things for my optimal self? [Note: Optimal self can vary.]

  • Am I drinking enough water?

  • What foods or diet allow me the energy I need for my goals?

  • Am I purchasing high quality foods?

  • Clean: Fridge, Pantry, Freezer, Cabinets, Spices, Pantry

  • Revise grocery targets

  • Refresh menu options with some new things from Pinterest in alignment with new goals


For time and energy, I found the best way is to create a controlled assessment and reading for at least 1 week of time. Grab a notebook or paper and roughly sketch both TIME and ENERGY for each timeblock of activities. The more detailed you can be [ie. down to your distracted thoughts], the more you will be able to seek patterns and create change if you feel that is what you need.


7am- 7:15am: Wake immediately, bathroom, check phone messages, make a cup of coffee. I can be a little groggy getting out of bed in the morning but within 1 hour I seem to have full energy. Checking my phone helps to stimulate my eyes so I feel more awake, however If I start consuming content from others, my brain seems to get a little distracted in it's thinking.

7:15am - 8:00am: Tries to write down schedule for the day and roughly plan to dos. Can find that depending on the content consumed, sometimes I'm distracted and this will take me longer or not feel as clear or engaging. Full energy, clear and focused on other days. Feel fully awake after 9 hours of sleep.

  • Where are most of my thoughts directed and how is that impacting my energy for other more important things?

  • How is my energy impacted by external events? How is it impacted by internal events?

  • How is my energy impacted by the food I eat and the water I drink?

  • What should be my top priorities? What is the REAL priority (based on the assessment) and what is the priority that is IDEAL for my best self?

  • What is on that list that should be?

  • What is on that list that shouldn’t be?

Some [tru life] assessment examples:

1. 9 full hours of sleep a night is needed for me. There is a huge energy difference between 8 and 9 hours of sleep for me in how quickly I start up in the morning.

2. Should eliminate as much social media and notifications as possible during the times where it requires a lot of directed thought. Social can distract me even AFTER use and spill into daily productive and energy.

3. Disagreements with friends should be postponed until I have enough time and space to handle thoughtfully. If I am arguing with friends it can spillover into my ability to focus on other things.

4. Moving my body needs to be made a priority for at least 1 hour a day. It full drains my energy and allows me for better sleep at night. I am moody and agitated and direct time and energy toward thinking about working out when I deny that to myself for other things.


  • What are my self-care habits?

  • What parts of self-care am I neglecting?

  • How am I caring for my mind…body….soul?

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