How to Rock Being an Influencer (THE Master Checklist)

What does it take to be an influencer? A few months ago I made the decision to help a handful of people elevate their influence, but the task was way more than just a few simple pieces of advice. It turned into about a 10+ hour workshop that covered what I still feel is only the surface of being a successful influencer.

This is what being an influencer REALLY looks like. If you can master LEARNING, CREATING and BEING the following MASTER LIST, you will grow as an "influencer - creator". Print it out, use Google, talk to people in the industry about these topics or hire someone who knows a bulk of how to do this - but this is what to strive for.

As part of my mission, I will be breaking down much of this checklist into both free and paid resources to help you understand your worth, your value and how to create better relationships with brands.

All of this material is covered in The Creator Elevation Digital Workshop. If you are interested in digging deeper into this material in a more organized, taught workshop comprised of 5 modules of deep learning, please sign up for the wait list. You will be notified when the course is out of pilot and live and any discount offerings available.

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  • The correlation of word of mouth marketing to what has become “influencer marketing”

  • Why you are needed as an influencer - there are not “too many” influencers - there are not enough!

  • Your Influencer Prototype - this will help you to understand how and why to develop content and the value you provide to your audience, aka. Why they follow you

  • The benefits of a Creator v. Business v. Personal Account in relation to the metrics you will need to evolve your influence

  • Your metrics: Audience Size, Reach, Engagement + Engagement-on-Reach, Saves, Shares, Click-throughs , Swipe-ups, Views & View Rates, Conversions. Sales, Plays (Podcasts), Audience Quality, Branded Post Engagement, Pageviews and UVMs (Blogs)

  • Your metric performance against industry benchmarks

  • Your metrics as they relate to your cost as an influencer: Cost Per Impression or Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), Cost Per Engagement, Cost Per Clickthrough (Swipe-ups), Cost Per View, Cost per Conversion, Cost Per Listen

  • How your cost metrics relate to brand goals - do they meet them?

  • How your cost-metrics stack up against other influencers, partnerships and campaigns - are they competitive and fair?

  • How to improve metrics: Content, Patterns, Timing, Hashtags, Geolocation, Media Type, Visuals, Quality over quantity, Stickers, Engagement, Targeting

  • The 3 types of collaborations: Ambassador, Influencer, Affiliate - their benefits, use, pros and cons

  • What brands bring to the table, what influencers bring to the table, and how to balance out values monetarily and non-monetarily

  • How to calculate rates that considers you AND the brand and how to shift around value to create win-win partnerships

  • Who and what kind of brands to pitch

  • The working relationship of you as an influencer, to the brand or agency you are collaborating with: Agreements & Contracts, Advertising Liability

  • How to run legally compliant content: FTC disclosure, Image / Video / Music Rights

  • The intersection between brand goals, your goals, and your audience’s needs from your content: 10 Ways Brands Measure Value

  • What makes a partnership successful, how to measure it, and how you performed

  • Learning and optimizing from “hit” and “miss” performances

  • Data Privacy


  • Your Pathway. Pull together your purpose as an influencer, to the kind of content you create, want to or should create, what that content does for audiences, and how that provides value to your end audience. This will help you to create more purposeful content that engages audiences because it holds greater value.

  • Cleanliness / Visual Appeal through your media

  • Content that is audience centric with a touch of personal flair, as opposed to YOU centric with a touch of benefit to audience

  • Clear content, engagement and business strategies

  • Familiarity and trust by mentioning your favorite brands whether you are paid or not. This makes you a resource rather than a salesperson

  • Methods and intentional tests to track your baseline of how powerful you are as an influencer, translating to your media kit, rates and pitches: Call to Action Tests, Link Tracking

  • A killer media kit that reflects your full brand value and justifies your worth: Contains Hard Data Value (Metrics) and Suggestive Value (Top content, similar brands, proof of quality, growth trajectory, DMs, tags on experiences), Optimized for all devices

  • Trackable Links and an easy UX (User Experience) so your audience can easily followthrough on your calls to action - includes using platforms like Link In Bio,, linked feeds or other tools

  • A Brand Partnership Audit that helps better assess the risk and alignment of brand opportunities

  • A balanced portfolio of types of collaborations - this may include “investing” in smaller brands you love that may not meet your rates

  • A 3-tiered Rate approach that considers your max value (your top worth, win win), your acceptable value (still a win-win or purposely shifted toward the brand for longterm relationship building), and your absolute min (less is a loss)

  • A proactive and reactive pitching / deal strategy

  • A checklist and cheat sheet for contract reviews (Or you can snag from Module 4 of The Creator Elevation Workshop)

  • Feedback loops and processes for assessing, negotiating, prepping, executing and measuring your partnerships (or you can snag from Module 4 of The Creator Elevation Workshop)

  • Strategic Growth Plans: Platform Expansion, Audience Growth, Collaborations / Cross Pollination, Advertising


  • Consistent: Identity - across all platforms; Design, look, feel; Content Types; Posting Schedules

  • Valuable and value-centric

  • Professional in your business related dealings

  • Passionate about what you are pushing out via your content - there is a difference between an influencer and product slinger. BE ABOUT SOMETHING MORE.

  • Inclusive to your audience with the content you create.

  • Reachable and Engaging

  • Authentic

  • Trustworthy

  • Believable and credible

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