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I believe (and preach!) that everyone has their own niche area of expertise. I've had the privilege of being able to network and vet several freelancers, companies and individuals who have deep expertise, tools or offerings that help influencers and creators that share my values deeper in what I teach. BOOKMARK THIS! It will be continually updated to provide you with people to follow and connect to!

LAST UPDATE: September 23, 2020

[If you would like to be vetted and featured, please contact us.]


Design Experts

  • Courtney Canfield: Courtney is both an influencer AND a marketer and understands what both influencer and brand need for successful partnership. She offers deeper services, including consulting help with copywriting and media kit design. Follow her on Instagram: @courtneycanfield

Platform Partnerships


Talent Management Partnerships

Digital Marketing Experts

  • Self-Made by Aubrey Beck: I would consider myself pretty well versed in digital marketing, however, Aubrey's class was really actionable if you want to learn to learn more about how you can actually MARKET yourself digitally as a influencer, creator or entrepreneur. This is especially useful when you begin to think about additional income streams you can generate as an influencer or creator, how to optimize your webpage, digital advertising and boosting, public relations, content strategy and more. Her course is competitively priced! Follow Self-Made on Facebook : Self-Made Digital Marketing

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