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This digital workshop is a 1-hour "go at your own pace" workshop designed to help creators step into a role of creator/influencer more prominently. The course lays a foundation by connecting the role of the creator to their greater audience. 


This is a great option for a creator who has established an audience but needs assistance in understanding value-centric content, understanding their analytics, approaching and working with brands. 


The course comes one free :30 min personal Zoom session with me to talk about applying the knowledge or any specific questions and 9 ACTION points to help you apply your learning.


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Creator Elevation: Foundations of Influence

  • (1) .PDF Documents, TOTAL SIZE: 139MB

  • Get to know Stephanie / Learn how Influencers evolved from Word of Mouth marketing / Learn the "Small Scale" of influence / Learn WHY you are needed as an influencer / Know that hot industry buzzwords like authenticity, credibility, believability, consistency, scale and trust mean in the context of influencers and why they are important / Reflect on how WHO you are shows up in your online presence and some tips for better self expression / Establish your baseline of believability, credibility and consistency / Differentiate between being an influencer and a creator / Understand  your influencer prototype and why audiences might follow you / Build a Pathway that establishes WHO you are, WHAT you create, HOW you impact and the VALUE that holds for your audiences to help you create more intentional and resonating content / Go deeper with your value through your content and captions / Start strategizing your content, engagement and business / What you can be doing even if you have not yet worked or approached a brand 

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