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This digital workshop is a 2-hour "go at your own pace" workshop designed to help creators under how to create a brand partnership audit, the goal for how to price their services (high-level), who to reach out to and how. The course comes with worksheets to help you apply your knowledge and 8 TAKE ACTION points to help you elevate your own digital presence. 


This is a great option for a creator who has established an audience but needs assistance in understanding value-centric content, understanding their analytics, approaching and working with brands. 


The course comes one free :30 min personal Zoom session with me to talk about applying the knowledge or any specific questions and worksheets + checklists help you apply your learning.


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Creator Elevation: Pitching Brands

  • (1) PDF File; 109MB

  • Brand Partnership Audit / Ambassador vs. Affiliate vs. Influencer Relationships / Balancing Value in Partnership / Pricing: BVPP, Base Rates and Real Rates (Worksheet) / Brand Created Values in Pricing / Proactive Pitching: Who to Pitch, How to Pitch & What to Say / Getting Offers Reactively (Sites, Platforms & Methods)



    • How to Create Boundaries Around Brand Partnerships
    • The 3 types of Creator Partnerships and their Pros and Cons
    • How to balance value when pricing or considering opportunities with brands
    • How to price services for your individual value
    • What "types" of brands to pitch and what are the goals of most brands by size
    • How to research brand contacts
    • What to include in an email to a brand
    • How to get reactive offers through free listings, platforms, groups and agencies

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