Take a minute and ask yourself, as a brand... how are you using your influencers?


Are they just a vehicle for you to promote your product? Are they a billboard for your brand? Do you pay them as if you respect them? Do you use their skill sets? Do you consider what the audience is receiving out of the interaction between you and an influencer, beyond the generated brand awareness? 

Influencer Marketing has roots in both earned, organic media and paid media and sometimes expectations get crossed. We are performing paid strategies expecting organic-type outcomes. We push product with a slew of talking points - because we see other brands doing it - and we forget about what the consumers want and need to see from this human interaction. 

Influencer marketing is changing as rapidly as the technology it's based within, are you up to date on what's going on in the industry and the potential impact it could have on your campaigns and programs?




more impactful. 

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Our vision for brands ....

Capitalize on the psychology of what it means to be social and human in developing campaign and program strategies

Build more respectful, cooperative and "real" relationships with influencers that bring out their "gifts", creativity and essence

Achieve the full spectrum of value that influencer marketing can provide through better higher-level marketing integration and strategic alignment

Stay up to date with the newest trends, best practices, tech updates and what they mean for influencer marketing programs

Our vision for creators ....

Navigate conflicting interest of brands and creators to protect credibility, trust, and authenticity; the root of being "of true influence"

Understand how they create impact and meet brand goals through more effective partnership that grows bottom lines for both parties

Build deeper connection with audience that meets their content needs and wants 

"Partner" with brands and brand resources to work towards missions and passions in a natural, authentic way

Take a minute and ask yourself, as a creator.. how do you view your relationship to brands? 


Are they just a paycheck, or are they more meaningful? Do you simply just promote their products, or do you think more deeply about the context of what you are creating with these brands? Do you look at opportunity or do you look at transaction? 

The monetization of influencer marketing and subsequently the spread of it from macro to micro to nano-sized creators has opened up doors for every day social media users to be more deeply involved in brand marketing - but we are STILL our own brands and we still need to walk a fine of line of maintaining our trust, credibility and authenticity if we want to "cash in" on the influence we've built within in our own social networks. 

There are many social media rockstars and influencers-turned-educators out there, but we are here to bring much needed transparency of what makes real impact for brands so creators can increase their overall value and bank on it.