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The growth of influencer marketing as an ROI generating tactic is undeniable. According to bigcommerce.com statistics, over 65% of influencer marketing budgets were expected to increase in 2020 and over 89% of marketers engaging in influencer marketing saw ROI as comparable to or better than other channels. 

Yet, marketers still list measuring the effectiveness of their programs as the number one challenge. What is really going on? 

There are three big challenges I see:

1. Most programs are not fully integrated to receive the full value influencer marketing can provide and not enough programs consider the "softer" less data driven, more human effects of influencer marketing. 

2. There is an influx of "influencers" who have deep creative skills, but no influence. There are influencers with lighter creative skills, and a ton of influence. We are measuring "influence" on likes and engagement when influence needs to be measured and considered by deeper metrics like action and psychology. 

3. Influencer costs rising affects returns. For both brands and influencers there needs to be more standardization in how influencers measure their personal value and it must better relate to brand goals. 

After 7+ years developing strategies for some of the world's top brands and with the enthusiastic support from my industry peers, I have shifted my mission and purpose toward solving some of these top challenges through mutual, transparent brand and talent education. I offer custom solutions, such as trainings, classes and workshops, that help talent, agencies, platforms and in-house teams create more mutually beneficial, high-return programs and partnerships. 

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